A pharmacist is an integral part of your circle of care. With intimate knowledge of drug effects, side-effects, and drug-drug interactions, a trained pharmacist can improve your quality of life by partnering with you to find a regimen that works best for you. APCA has partnered with Dr. Julie Kidd to provide this service, free-of-charge. She will assess the status of your health problems and determine whether the prescribed medications are optimally meeting your needs and care goals. Dr. Kidd will meet with you for a ‘Medication Management’ meeting to review your medications and evaluate the appropriateness and effectiveness of the regimen as well as discuss goals to optimize your treatment. Counseling you on how best to take your medications, she will work alongside your primary physician to adjust medications to optimize your health and well-being. There will be plenty of time for questions regarding your medication regimen and over-the-counter medications you currently take. You can continue to meet with Dr. Kidd to review your medications and treatment plan to ensure optimization of your medications and health status. Ask your physician about how you can utilize this opportunity.