We offer a full suite of integrated, non-surgical treatments for sports and other musculoskeletal injuries. This includes cutting edge non-surgical procedures, including Stem Cell treatments, Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy, Prolotherapy, and performance enhancement will help you get back on the road to recovery faster.
Dr. Kozar is a featured speaker and teacher at some of the nation’s most famous institutions and medical conferences. You can trust us with your sports injury or painful musculoskeletal condition. Dr. Kozar brings to ASOM from his previous private practice more than 9 years of experience (since 2006) in PRP and Stem Cell treatments, more than 14 years of experience in Prolotherapy (since 2000) and more than 8 years experience (since 2007) in the use of diagnostic and therapeutic guided Ultrasound Injections, including nerve hydrodissection. At Valley Sports Physicians, Dr. Kozar & his colleges were one of the first to bring these treatments to the NE states. They were pioneers and leaders in the field of Regenerative Medicine and non-surgical sports medicine, where they developed and offered a diverse range of treatments which can bring relief without resorting to surgery.
Dr Kozar would like to discuss your situation with you and introduce you to his non-surgical treatments for sports injuries. Please contact us to set up an appointment.

  • Osteopathic Medicine & Manipulative Therapy
    AOA: http://www.osteopathic.org/osteopathic-health/treatment/Pages/default.aspx
  • Diagnostic Musculoskeletal Ultrasound
  • Rehabilitative Ultrasound Imaging (RUSI)
  • Ultrasound Guided Injections
  • Nerve Hydrodisection
  • Prolotherapy
  • Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)
  • Stem Cell Injections
  • Pain Treatment
  • Nutritional Supplementation